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A bunch of boards in Toronto for sale

Jimmy Lewis Kwad 5'11"
Surf Construction
Creased rail, professionally prepared
With deck pads and fins
Awesome strapless board for rider 160 - 195lbs. Super fast, great upwind, great light wind, super grippy high wind.
For this money there's no better first time kiteboard surfy

Jimmy Lewis Kwad 6'2"
Surf Construction
Used 2X, showroom condition
With deck pads, fins
Awesome strapless board for rider 185 - 225lbs. Super fast, great upwind, good beginner to advanced surfy.

EVF Rawson 5'11"
This board has had a lot of repairs.
One of the best surf boards Ive ever kited on, but it seems to have terrible luck and gets damaged easily.
Comes with deck pads, fins.
Great shape for riders 150 - 190lbs
I don't even know how to price this.

2014 Naish Antic Twin tip
139 X 42.5"
Advanced, modern wake-style design
3 Stage Wake-style rocker, tiny little fins.
Comes with Naish Apex bindings, fins
Mint condition, suitable for boots or bindings. Also good for cable park
review here:

2015 Naish Global 5'8"
Used once, I should have bought the 5'10" and turns out I'm no good at wearing footstraps.
like new condition, straps, fins, etc
Good strapped board for riders up to about 185lbs.
Strapless for riders under 160lbs

Board bags available for all boards

Various Dakine harnesses sized large also available.


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