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Space Pickle SOLD, but 2 Directional boards left at lower prices! Skillet now $245 and Airush $190

Looking to reduce my fleet of directional kiteboards.

-Brand new 5'0" 2014 Slingshot space Pickle $495 cw pads and fins, was going to use it as foilboard but changed my mind. Great for light to medium wind fun. Easy to learn directional footwork on emoticon. SOLD

-Used Cabrinha 5'0" Skillet $350 (NOW $245!) cw straps, fins and pads. almost new condition. Higher wind directional board for heavy wts but can be used in all winds for light to medium wts.

-Used Airush Converse 6'1" $350 (NOW $190!) cw straps, fins, pads. This is a true wave board. It has good rocker to allow high performance wave surfing. I used this board on Maui and had a blast on it. Sandbanks? G10 fins are worth at least $50 alone.

If interested in any of the boards above then contact me and I can answer questions or send more info/reviews. I prefer you email me at kiteman57 at thanks!

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