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F-one Bandits due in today

Our latest shipment of kites should roll into town some time today just in time for a windless weekend!

These are high depower c shaped kites that are really combo of what has been learned throught the bow kites put to a C kite platform.

Basically almost a bridle... the front lines split at a pulley that runs up to two attachement point high up on the leading edge. The leading edge itself is very bow like as its swept with no real corners. The real line are direct to the kite.

Lots of good reviews out there with the standout feature being the low end allowing you to get onto those smaller kites in lighter winds.

We'll see, as light air is all thats forecast for the next week!

Will be a fun fall comparing these to the Royal era's that are also gathering a big funclub out their in kite world!


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