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Kite Spray

Just curious on everyone's input and doing some market research.

We all love our kites and want to keep them in good condition. Once we have passed the learning stage, slams and holes are not really a factor in kite wear. Kite wear seems to be due to UV exposure and prolonged flapping in the wind.

Would you use a product that contained?
1) A UV protector.
2) Fungicide to prevent mold growth. (Problem with fresh water lakes).
3) Reconditioned the nylon.

You could spray onto your kite periodically after use, or before packing away for long term storage.

Looking for input, both positive and negative. I realize that in Ontario UV damage may not be as severe as in tropical areas.

Tents which are pretty much made of the same material will rapidly deteriorate in about 30 days of sunshine without protection.

I’m a chemist so I was thinking about formulating something. Kingston crew get free samples of course.

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