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Coaches corner

Dont want to come off presumtuous, but want to get a technique post going and have a couple things to start it off. If you have questions about something your working on, post em, someone will help you out.

I see a lot of people riding their snowboard too much on edge. It might be fear of going over the front on a hard surface, and it might be a hold over from summer, of always wanting to make good upwind ground, but it makes for a bent at the waist poo stance. Simple thing is to say tuck your bum in so your whole body forms a straight line down your front leg, but here are a couple bits of imagery to work with: Trim your kite in so your riding with the bar closer to your body and not over extended. Think of your board more like a butter knife on the surface of the snow than a skate blade cutting into it. Flatten out your board and bear off the wind a little to get a more natural riding stance with your board spreading the snow instead of cutting into it. You can look back easy enough and see if your path is nice and wide or super narrow and deep. When you get this you will be standing up a bit more so there is less weight in your harness. Upwind ground in the winter is childs play so play off the wind a few tacks at a time to practice this and then take a couple tacks on edge to make up the ground you just lost. You might find that the real fun in kiting is when you are not edging upwind all the time. Those that have little snowboard experience seem to poo the most and need to get this part down before worrying about jumping, carving etc...

Winter is the best time to learn a couple other key skills, Chiefly, landing and riding unhooked. Lots of us learn to pull the trigger in summer and start getting decent jumps before we get the landings. In winter you gotta scale back your jumps a few notches for obvious reasons, but once there is good snow and you can edge well, its time to start with little two footers. Learn to bring the kite back in front of you earlier than later and learn to land heading downwind. Once two footers feel good you can up it from there, but always land with your front hand pulling in hard and your board heading downwind and your kite will not get the better of you.

For those of you cruising around on days that are too light to jump, take the time to unhook a little. Riding unhooked is where the fun really begins. Winter makes it soooooo much easier, and light winds are ideal. Firstly, most of us ride SLE or high depower kites, and are used to maxing the power just to get going. You'll have to let go of this and depower your kite a bunch at the strap. This simulates the way you would be trimmed unhooked in summer, but with less wind and consequence. Snow gives you lots of glide and you can head back upwind easy enough. You never really ride upwind unhooked, so when learning to unhook do it across or slightly off the wind. Trim your kite in so there is no stall and your riding around with the bar right in against the chicken loop. With your arms in tight like this its also a lot easier to keep your bum in! Unhook your chicken loop lock and while heading across or off the wind. Unhook and hook right back in. Once you get that, start going a few meters unhooked. Its pretty easy on snow and you start to learn the art of controling the kite/power more with your edge (butter knife not skate blade)than the depower at the bar. This is a great way to learn about generating POP and Lift. It also gets you understanding just how deep your kite can sit in the window before it stalls and about keeping some speed in your kite during transitions. The skills you learn unhooked on snow will help your hooked in riding on water next summer, so even if you have no aspirations to unhooked riding on water (yet), doing it on snow is super helpfull. Besides one of the best feelings ever on snow is carving a powered transition unhooked.

Hope this is helpfull to someone other than just me!

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Re: Coaches corner

that's awesome, thanks Brent. Speaking for all newbies, this sort of technique advice is really helpful. (no one wants to look like they're crapping themselves ....)

I'll be trying some unhooked fun next time I'm out !
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