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Winter is our "BEACH SEASON"!

Kingston is a beach town afterall!

We would like to thank everyone who has emailed and called with inquiries about kiting - keep it coming! We've done more snowkiting lessons in the past week than we did last year, and I think that keen kiters in Kingston are finally coming to the realization that winter is our "beach season" - the time of year that you should be getting out there, using the infinite space to learn and ride with the confidence and peace of mind that you can always walk home.

We've found that our winter lessons have enabled students with trainer kite experience (i.e. demonstrated solid kite control) to progress very quickly, often riding their own skis or snowboards after as little as an hour with a Leading Edge Inflatable kite! Point is, now is the time to get pulled forward by your kite, to crash it, to stand up and get pulled forward again, relaunch, and learn all of the kite dynamic lessons that usually cost you a swim during the summer months! The best part is that our beach is growing with every freezing day, and is free of the deep-water, zebra mussels, sharp rocks, steel docks, abstract art, pedestrians and trees that we lovingly call the PUC Dock, our best public summer launch!

Some skills to focus on nailing this winter:

1. Test your safety system! Deploy your safety, assess your leash use, and solidify your preflight check and routine.
2. Make goals to focus your efforts - pick a skill to work on, whether it be for 5 minutes or 3 hours, push yourself a little bit every time and keep it fresh! Don't forget your helmet and knee pads! If your goal is to chill and take in the fresh air and get a workout, that's all good too!
3. FOCUS on FEEL, RELAX and become more EFFICIENT! Relax on the bar and feel what's going on with your kite - maintaining optimum line tension in a variety of wind conditions (to avoid backstalls and Hindenbergs!)
4. Reliably and Safely Self Launch & Self Land your Kite
5. Body Position - butt in, shoulders back and relaxed, looking upwind or where you want to go.

Best of luck out there, have fun and be safe. Check out and post on the Session Call section of the forum. If you want a little bit of instruction, or are hesitant to get out there and carve up the powder (for whatever reason), contact us for a lesson and take advantage of our beach season.
Riding all year round is one of Kingston's greatest gifts to kiters! Enjoy!

Details on the 2nd Annual KBK Snowcial soon to come!!!
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