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Light winds, Life jackets, and our first demo day

Thanks to all who came out in hopes of more wind. The weather was stellar, the wind unfortunately stayed out on the lake and never made it inshore. It was out there and various other locals around saw good wind, but downtown unfortunately was not really rideable this time. Of course this happens when we have all the ocean rodeo toys to play with! Still, the people, sun and BBQ were great and It's nice to see a developing group of kiters in the area. The trainer kites were working overtime and for a no winder at the water, it was a pretty good time.

Thanks also to John Zimmerman of Ocean Rodeo for being so chill in the face of being skunked and bringing us all the toys. He left a few behind for those of you who want to try em out in some actual wind!

Thanks also to Dave Mody for his video footage. You definitely have skills behind that lens and we all hope to see you out filming and riding over the season. I thought those clips of me busting HUGE styley air while dressed up as Shane were particularly good!

I also wanted to give a heads up to those like minded wind junkies out there that will be heading out, as we did, in marginal summer conditions. Both Grant and myself were stopped by the police boat for not having life jackets on. We were ordered to drop the kites, pack em down and get in the boat! Thankfully that all went without incident and as the rules are still not clear regarding kites, we were let off with a warning and left to hoof it back up the waterfront with only our pride damaged.

We don't exactly fit the criteria of water craft, but its kind of their discretion and in failing light winds, with lots (LOTS) of boat traffic around they were not unreasonable to check us.

My advice,,, on crowded summer weekends with light conditions your better off with a PFD than a $240 fine. Could you argue it in court,,, of course, but thats not the point.

I'm not telling anyone what to wear out there, but just letting you know that they are aware of us and will be looking for lifejackets in the future.

We got off easy, but I'm not sure they will be so lenient next time.



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